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Frequently Asked Questions

• How to Pour Water out of a Hot Tub?

There is a built-in drain with a plug at the bottom of a tub, which is meant exactly for this purpose. It is possible to adjust a hose to the drain and pour water wherever it is more convenient for you.

• What kind of firewood is better to use?

We recommend using dry birch. One can also use some other kind of dry wood. However, firewood with a high content of resin soils a stove from the inside more and, as a result, the stove needs more frequent cleaning.

• How does water heating process happen in a tub?

Water is heated by the means of a stove, installed inside the tub or adjusted to the hot tub from the outside. The water heats up unevenly. Warmer water rises up, as the natural circulation takes place. Therefore, we advise you to stir water from time to time, in order to speed up the process of water heating. What is more, heating time also depends on type of fuel. If the firewood is dry, with a low content of resin, and there is enough of it in a fire chamber, then the burning process happens more intensively and the stove heats the water up much quicker. Time of water heating depends on several factors. The most significant are: initial water temperature, the size of a tub, type of fuel, and frequency of stirring water during the heating process. For instance, 2-3 hours are needed for heating a hot tub with the diameter of 1, 8 m from 7 °С to 27 °С. In order to heat it up to 35 °С, one more hour is needed.

• What is the recommended water temperature for bathing?

Recommended water temperature is 37-38 °C. If water is less warm than the body
temperature, you will get cold quite soon. Water temperature over 39 °C is not bearable for a long time and it can be even dangerous. People with some medical conditions, especially with cardiac or high blood-pressure problems, should be very carerul with the water temperature.

• For how long can a hot tub stay without water during hot sunny weather?

It is not recommended to keep a hot tub without water for more than two days in hot, sunny weather.

• Can seawater be used for filling the hot tubs?

Yes. Salt water will not spoil your wooden hot tub, in case it is equipped with a stainless steel stove.