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HydroMassage Systems

For Octagonal fiberglass hot tubs only

  • Hdr-2
  • Hdr-1
  • Hdr-3
Type Price
HDR8 463 €

HDR (8 Whirlpool jets)


Would you like to get an adequate quality rest without leaving your yard? Then you should definitely purchase a hot tub, equipped with a hydro massage system! Despite buying an ordinary hot tub, order then one with a hydro massage system, and enhance the positive influence of hot water on your body. Be sure, you will not regret your choice, as you will have an opportunity to enjoy the numerous benefits of hydro massage for many years! Please notice, that our octagonal hot tubs can be fully equipped with both hydro– and air massages which can be complemented with a LED-system to provide an unforgettable bathing experience!

Hydro massage is a pleasant procedure which helps to relax muscles, release tensions, and rejuvenate the whole organism. This procedure improves blood circulation, which in turn, promotes the improvement of metabolism. In addition, it facilitates weight loss, relieves backaches, and reduces the level of stress and anxiety. Sportsmen tend to apply this treatment both before and after trainings, as taking such a bath helps to warm up the muscles before the high-intensity training, while post-training procedure helps to calm down and relax the muscles. What is more, such massage strengthens our immune system and promotes restful sleep. Finally, this treatment promotes the release of endorphins, which inevitably leads to the improvement of our mood.