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Oval Sauna

Sauna heaters

Electric heater 9 kW
Narvi NM900
Wood stove
Harvia M3
Wood stove
Harvia Pro20

Roof color

brown black green

Oval Sauna

  • Oval-Sauna-1
  • Sauna-Oval-7
  • Sauna-Oval-6
  • Sauna-Oval-5
  • Sauna-Oval-2
  • Sauna-Oval-3
  • Oval-Sauna-3
  • Oval-Sauna-4
  • Oval-Sauna-2

Heater Spruce Thermowood
Narvi NM 900 (electric) 3 379 € 3 999 €
Harvia M3 3 599 € 4 229 €
Harvia PRO20 3 739 € 4 369 €


Length 400 cm
Width 240 cm
Height 240 cm

Basic Set Includes:

Sauna can be purchased only unassembled

  • Spruce / Thermowood barrel (4,1×2,4×2,4m)
  • Benches from Thermowood
  • Inside Brown Tempered Glass Door
  • Outside Wooden Door with Glass Window and Lock
  • Bitumen Shingle Roof
  • Decorative Wooden Hoop (back and front)
  • Roof angle
  • Window

Dimensions of a kit are: 2,4 х 1,2 х 2 m (height)

Baltresto decided to diversify its product range with a new shape of sauna. From now on, we offer a new oval sauna for those, who appreciate absolute comfort and have spacious garden. Oval sauna consists of two rooms – steam room and dressing room. Change your clothes with comfort, keep some towels and all the other sauna things or just relax before and after entering the steam room.

Sauna can be purchased as a kit, together with an easy-to-follow assembly manual. Available sauna material is spruce or thermowood. Type of heater can also be chosen according to your taste – either electric or wood-burning. Sauna is equipped with a wooden door with a lock, so you do not have to worry about your sauna`s safety while you are away. Window in a steam-room gives you a perfect opportuinty to enjoy picturesque views around during the sauna session. In summer time, it is also possible to relax and enjoy some cold drinks or herbal tea sitting at the table on the sauna porch.