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Delivery costs for Europe for 1,8 meter Hot Tub

Country Price, €
Belgium 240-270
Bulgaria 350-400
Croatia 310-390
Czech Republic 210-270
Finland 89-140
France 300-470
Greece 540-575
Hungary 300-355
Ireland 370-555
Italy 315-520
Latvia 80-120
Lithuania 135-170
Luxembourg 320-330
Netherlands 220-260
Poland 225-250
Portugal 725-750
Romania 310-425
Slovakia 315-330
Slovenia 270-300
Spain 320-410
Sweden 670-725
Switzerland 305-455
United Kingdom 350–500
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The production time of our hot tubs and saunas is only 2-3 weeks! Our products are delivered all over Europe! We cooperate with the largest and the most reliable specialists in the sphere of European Door To Door Delivery Service, such as ACE, DHL, DSV, Entargo, ect.

Please notice that if you decided to order a hot tub or sauna , you need to sure that the delivery place is accessible for a lorry or truck , in order to avoid problems with the delivery or your purchase. Delivery price varies depending on the parameters of a particular sauna or hot tub, and the region/city of the destination country.