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Currents warranty conditions are valid in all European Union member states.
The warranty service for private customers is regulated by the common law. The warranty period is 24 months. It begins with the date of purchase.
The warranty service period for legal entities (e.g. Commercial Buyer) and for certain cases when the general warranty conditions are not valid, is 6 months from the date of purchase.
For valid warranty claim BALTRESTO OÜ, within a reasonable period, either (1) repairs the product or provides material for repair free of charge, alternatively, (2) substitudes a defective product with a new or equivalent product, or alternatively, (3) if none of the aforementioned alternatives is feasible, refunds the purchase price of the product.
The warranty does not cover equipment which has been damaged due to an accident, or misuse.
In case of returning the product for repair or replacement, the purchaser has to pack the product as it was packed when the buyer received the product and ensure that the product can be collected by the transportation company from the place where the product was delivered initially.
Instructions of the warranty procedure are provided by BALTRESTO OÜ after written notification. Product repair, replacement or refund can only take place after written concordance with BALTRESTO OÜ.
Please notice that BALTRESTO OÜ covers the cost of the delivery of the product back to the customer only in case that has been recognised as guarantee.

Conditions for the assertion of warranty claims i. a. (but not limited to) are:

• Providing the document which confirms the purchase, e.g. buyer’s cheque or a card payment statement
• Examining the product for the completeness and transport damage in the presence of the delivery driver, making a record in a transport document marking the fact of missing packages/parts/ or any damage of the product, missing or defective timber structures are to be supplemented or replaced with the subsequent delivery by the BALTRESTO ÖU
• Proper maintenance and use of a BALTRESTO product
• Properly built foundations and fixings. Please contact our Customer Service in case any questions arise
• Maintain and handle the timber in accordance with the instructions provided by our company
• Guarantee that the product has not been used for commercial purpose

The following cases are excluded from the warranty if the defect is caused i. a. by:

• An improper mounting of your BALTRESTO product, its incorrect installation, or handling
• Use of materials that do not match the assembly instructions
• Damage caused by inappropriate handling during and after the installation work
• Improper fasteners or foundations
• Storm damage, force majeure, natural disasters or other violent actions
• On-site changes to the article (including, but not limited to, operation with recirculation or pressure pumps or the use of other than by BALTRESTO acquired or recommended furnaces and exhaust systems is one)
• Failure to follow the care instructions which caused defects
• Inadequate care of the product
• Inappropriate wood painting
• Wood damage and discoloration due to poor ventilation
• Frost
• Commercial use

Warranty disclaimers, among others, are:

• Surface disturbances due to resin flow from the wood
• Possible shrinkage and natural colour change due to the influence of weather conditions
• Damage caused by large open joints and cracks (e. g. Shrinkage cracks, etc.) Any warranty claims together with the attached copies of the sales documents should be directed in written form to
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