300 € Summer giveaway


Meet this summer with Baltresto!

You know we appreciate our customers and it was decided to give them a chance for winning a 300 € gift card.*

To participate in this giveaway you should:

  1. Answer just a simple question;
  2. Tag 1 person in the comments;
  3. Like our page on Facebook

Our question:

What is the name of Baltresto Premium Square Wood-fired Hot Tub?

You can find a help on our website here. The answer should be written in the comment below this Facebook post. One participant can write only one comment.

The giveaway will be over on the 14 June 2018. The winner will be chosen by random-service. The screenshot with results will be posted on our Facebook page. After announcement of the results we will connect with a winner via Facebook messenger.

If you buy Baltresto products now and in the end of this giveaway it is known that you are the winner of the competition, naturally, we will give you a refund=300 €.

*You can use it only on the website www.baltresto.com during 6 months from the date of winner’s announcement. The Gift card is valid to the order from 1000 €. The gift certificate can’t be converted for cash.

Wish you good luck!