Get a guaranteed gift from Baltresto 2019


If you buy Baltresto Wood-fired Hot tub or Outdoor Sauna during this month, you get a GUARANTEED GIFT on the sum 150 EURO. To get the gift you need to write down the comment “150 euro gift” in the block ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ( during the checkout.

At the purchase of a Wood-fired Hot Tub  you will get these hot tub accessories as a gift:

pic hot-tub-accessories-150-euro-gift

  1. Chimney guard
  2. Ash Shovel 
  3. Drain Valve ¾ 
  4. 2 Sauna Hats
  5. Paddle

The value of the gift is 151 euro

At the purchase of an Outdoor Sauna you will get these sauna accessories as a gift:

  1. Alder Floor
  2. Wooden Bucket, 4L
  3. Scoop
  4. Thermometer
  5. 2 Sauna Hats 

The value of the gift is 152-208 euro

NOTE! The offer does not apply to the sale category and to the grill-houses category. The offer is valid to the order from 1000 €.

Make a present for you and your family members, buying any Wood-fired Hot Tub or Outdoor Sauna at super attractive offer from Baltresto!