What kind of wood is better: spruce, thermo wood or larch?

Health benefits of the Hot Tub are determined by the wood species from which it is made of. Each wood has its own good effects on the human body. And this is quite difficult to highlight something as better or worse over the others. Briefly, we can say the following:

  • Spruce is one of the traditional types of wood for saunas and hot tubs. Along with unique physical parameters, it has a lot of medicinal properties too. With the spruce hot tub, you combine comfort and health together! It improves metabolism, cleanses the body, restores energy, and improves the mood.
  • Thermo wood is also famous for its eco-friendliness, high wear resistance, and durability. The Thermo wood hot tub is free from all kind of rottings or molds forming on it. The greatest advantage of Thermo wood is its ability to retain from any deformation due to temperature changes and moistures. The Spruce hot tub is durable, a little resinous, and due to less drying out, consistently maintains shape and size.
  • Larch will improve your mood and raise the overall tone of your body. Asthmatics will also be very happy with water treatments in a Larch Hot Tub because it significantly improves the condition of their respiratory system. This contributes to the normalization of pressure and overall relaxation of the body.