Behold everything that surrounds you - yet remain unnoticed yourself

A semi-transparent mirror astonishes with its ability to be a mirror on one side and a transparent glass on the other. This effect proves highly beneficial for outdoor saunas, where privacy within the sauna is of utmost importance, while still providing the opportunity to delight in beautiful views through the glass wall during moments of relaxation. This effect persists even during the dark hours; simply activate the exterior illumination of the sauna to bring it to life.


Exquisite, premium, and contemporary - words perfectly capture the essence

With mirror walls that bestow a distinctive allure upon the sauna, adding a touch of modernity, the semi-reflective panels ingeniously merge the benefits of mirrors and glass, crafting a captivating interplay of reflections that also permits an abundance of natural light. This harmonious equilibrium imparts a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity to the sauna, while safeguarding its sanctity and seclusion.

Elevate your relaxation experience

This stunning and stylish sauna is designed to elevate your relaxation experience. With its unique feature of a mirrored wall, it not only adds a touch of elegance but also creates an illusion of expanded space. The sleek and minimalist design seamlessly blends with any exterior, making it a perfect fit for any setting. Step into the world of ultimate luxury and immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of our Mirrored Sauna.

High-quality materials

The materials used in the production of semi-reflective glass possess exceptional strength and durability. The door handle is crafted with wood on the interior side to prevent scalding when the sauna is heated, while the exterior side is made of stainless steel. The hinges are constructed from a robust aluminum alloy, securely fastened to the frame.

Add mirrors to any sauna

You can equip any sauna from our catalog with mirrors.