Panoramic window

8 persons

Spruce, 40 mm

This Panoramic barrel sauna comes with a tinted panoramic glass which creates natural light inside of the barrel sauna and helps to reduce the brightness of sunlight coming through the round window. Moreover, the panoramic window provides a spacious feel. It allows you to view any spectacular view that is available. The steam room of this sauna feels spacious thanks to the panoramic window, and it adds a relaxing feeling. Apart from a steam room, this barrel sauna has a convenient changing area separating from the sauna by a tempered glass door.

The panoramic window option is available only for assembled delivery. By buying this sauna you will get it fully assembled and ready to use, just kindle the stove!
If you plan to buy a sauna kit for DIY we can propose you a half panoramic window.

Benefits from buying Baltresto barrel sauna:

Fast heating of sauna to 80°C with a wooden stove Harvia M3 ≈ 1 hour
Evenly temperature distribution thanks to rounded shape of the sauna
Eco product from spruce