Half-panoramic window

4 persons

Spruce, 40mm

The functionality of this barrel sauna is due to its convenient layout. It has a changing room with benches and a spacious steam room for 4 people. This specific sauna 3m is fitted with a half-panoramic window with tinted brown glass outside which protects from bright sunlight in the steam room and creates soft window light.

We have included everything you need in the set of this sauna. You only need to select between the wood-burning stove or electrical and the color of the shingle roof.
By buying this barrel sauna, you will get a construction kit and build your own sauna, using the instructions in a few days.

Benefits from buying Baltresto barrel sauna:

Fast heating of sauna to 80°C with a wooden stove Harvia M3 ≈ 1 hour
Evenly temperature distribution thanks to rounded shape of the sauna
Eco product from spruce