Pragmatic and rational customers choose fiberglass Hot Tubs made from modern materials using efficient technologies. The production of such wood-fired Hot Tubs is a costly and labor-intensive process demanding some special equipment and high qualification.

Fiberglass Hot Tubs are a wonderful alternative for traditional wooden Hot Tubs:

  • Fiberglass Hot Tubs have great aesthetic qualities. Their wide color range is not limited by standard colors. We use special additions to get new and really unique colors for our tubs, including the pearl effect.
  • There is a wide range of the permissible service temperature for fiberglass Hot Tubs, which is ideal for climate conditions in Europe.
  • Fiberglass Hot Tubs are less subject to the time effects (no cracks, no weld seams, colors do not fade or turn yellow)
  • You can really save energy: fiberglass low conductivity allows you to save money when employing electricity or any other energy resources. Besides, Fiberglass Hot Tub can be additionally heated with polyurethane foam.
  • They are easy to clean: you can use any dish wash detergents.

Fiberglass Hot Tub from Baltresto are produced in different shapes: round, oval, square and octagonal. The heater can be attached both inside and outside. Fiberglass Hot Tubs are provided with additional accessories: insulated cover, hydromassage, LED and any others to produce real SPA-effect. Our 15-year experience allows us to state that when You are ordering a Fiberglass Hot Tub in the online shop Baltresto, You are sure to get a high quality product as well as a possibility to choose the maximally possible and best configuration at the optimal price!

If necessary, you can always consult our customers service, they will readily help you find the optimal solution for your place and budget!