Our happy customer who had bought Baltresto barrel sauna with a hot tub and won a bicycle!

These are our dear customers Karin & Johannes Tüxen from Germany who won a bicycle GRUNBERG!💙Our congratulations! 🤗👏Let’s remind , for taking part in the customer program, you had to: 1) Buy any Baltresto product: a barrel sauna, a hot tub or a grill-house 2) Send us a photo of this product after installation since 25 September till 20 December 2018. Thanks to our customers who participated in this contest! Follow our news, special offers and contests. Who knows , may be [...]

pic effects does inappropriate use have on the outdoor sauna

How to properly take care for the outdoor sauna inside to extend its service life (Part2)

What effects does inappropriate use have on the outdoor sauna? Inappropriate use of the outdoor sauna leads to rotting of even the most durable wood species. To avoid such problems with wood, it requires some special treatments. Sauna wood affected by fungus can be treated with ultraviolet radiation. UV ray deactivates all types of mold. Even though gray stains might remain after the UV treatment, it not dangerous and can be cleaned with specialized solutions. The treatment of the external side [...]


How to properly take care for the outdoor sauna inside to extend its service life (Part1)

Cleaning surfaces from contamination An outdoor sauna needs due care for long-term, trouble-free service. It includes a set of measures aimed at keeping surfaces free from contamination and subsequent disinfection for as long as possible to maintain hygiene, as well as to ensure competent operation as per the technical parameters and safety requirements. The easiest way to care for the outdoor sauna is wet cleaning with a brush and water. The last person, leaving the outdoor sauna, should quickly rub the [...]

pic take-care-of-a-wooden-hot-tub

How to use and take care of a wooden hot tub

Installation of  your wooden  hot tub When you have purchased  the "wooden mini-pool," it is necessary to determine a suitable place to install it. It would be better if a specialist makes the selection  because there are some subtleties and nuances. You can connect the drainage outlet directly to the sewage system, and it is self-flowing here (like in a regular bathtub). Then you should check the tension of the hoops and  you can proceed with the first “refueling.” After filling [...]

pic photo contest with Baltresto portable saunas and wooden hot tubs

The results of the Photo contest from Baltresto

It’s a time to  announce the winner  of  the photo contest “Win a bike Grunberg” ! So, attention... Our dear customers Karin & Johannes Tüxen  won a bicycle GRUNBERG! That’s just pre-Christmas surprise !!Our congratulations! Let’s remind , for taking part  in the customer program, you had to:1) Buy any Baltresto product: a barrel sauna, a hot tub or a grill-house 2) Send us a photo of this product after installation since 25 September till 20 December 2018.  Thank’s to [...]

pic Sauna accessories_birch-broom_bamboo-broom_thermometer_headrest

What kinds of sauna accessories are needed?

Sauna Accessories – such important things!  To have an exceptionally pleasant and relaxing session in your home sauna, you need to take care of every little detail. Usually, when equipping a home sauna, we first think of which stove to choose. And that's the best practice because so many things depend on a good and reliable stove. However, when the stove is already purchased, it's time to choose all the high-quality and stylish sauna accessories. A careful approach to the [...]

Pic Advantages and disadvantages of wood hot tub

What is a Wooden Hot Tub? What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?

A simple dip in the hot water initiates a chain of events that emphasize the way our health and well-being depend on the water. So, your blood circulation increases, your blood pressure rises slightly, and blood starts to flow towards the heated skin. In other words, the blood vessels expand, and the differential pressure symptoms recede. The warm blood penetrates deeper into the skin tissue, bringing more oxygen. Therefore, You get a soothing sensation. Your muscles start to relax, [...]


Baltresto Hot Tubs

Different types of Wooden Hot Tubs Our company produces high-quality Wooden Hot Tubs of different shapes, sizes and designs. One can order a round, oval, or octagonal Hot Tub. The sizes vary from 1,3m x 0,85 m to 2,4 m x 1,8 m. The capacity of the smallest Wooden Hot Tub is 1-2 people, while the biggest one can accommodate up to 10 people. The water in a wooden Hot Tub is heated either by a built-in stove or by an [...]

Pic Baltresto Barrel Sauna

Baltresto Outdoor Barrel Saunas

Ergonomic design of Outdoor Saunas (Barrel Saunas) Baltresto produces outdoor saunas in a shape of a big barrel. Every outdoor sauna equips with everything necessary for good traditional sauna sessions. Such choice of a shape is not an accident! This ergonomic design is ideal for sauna, as the absence of corners significantly hastens the heating of a steam room. Thus, a sauna equipped with a wood-burning stove will reach appropriate temperature within 1 hour, while with an electric stove – during [...]

pic Outdoor Sauna and sauna advantages

What are the Major Benefits of Using Sauna?

Sauna remains extremely popular in the modern world Have you ever wondered about all the benefits that sauna therapy can provide for you and your family members? This kind of heat and water therapy is probably one of the most favourite ones among humankind. In distant past our ancestors used to visit sauna on a regular basis, in order to reach ideal cleanness and improve health, spending sauna rituals in silence, avoiding making any noise, eating or drinking in sauna … if they [...]