The stove selection

Safety rest

In our sauna models, we use Harvia electric and wood-burning stoves. This Finnish brand has been the standard of quality and safety for more than 60 years. Electric cookers are convenient because they can be adjusted using the control panel. These furnaces are easy to operate, do not require special knowledge or skills, and maintain a high temperature in the room in combination with "dry" steam, while the humidity is about 15%.

Wood-burning stoves with low fuel consumption are capable of generating a large amount of thermal energy. After 1 hour, the steam room heats up to 80 ° C. This is due to the efficient air circulation, which is the main advantage of these wood-burning stoves. Fuel consumption is economical, and heat is distributed evenly.

Wide choice of saunas

Customization according to your needs

Baltresto produces more than 15 models of outdoor saunas with different shapes and sizes. Each model has a unique inside layout for the most efficient space usage. Saunas with a larger size are equipped with a changing room and a relaxation area. The smallest sauna has only a steam room, but the size of the sauna allows you to place it on a very small area and even on the terrace.

When you choose a sauna model, it is important to focus on the following factors:

  • Garden territory size;
  • Number of people in the steam room;
  • What kind of inside layout do you want:
  • Type of stove: wood-fired or electric.

When a certain model is selected, you have the opportunity to configure it for your needs on the product page. Available parameters for choosing: assembled or flat-pack variant, diameter, roof color, stove, wood or thermal wood, type of windows and doors, accessories. You can also cover the assembled sauna with Remmers components to protect it from external factors.

Selection of the inside layout

Options according to your needs

Usually, there are several zones: zone for rest, steam and changing room. The layout of our models depends on sauna shape and size, our engineers have thought out each meter for maximum efficiency. In small saunas, there is only a steam room. In medium-sized saunas, you can choose additionally a terrace and changing room. In big-size saunas, there is an additional space for rest with friends and family.

Assembled or flat-pack option

Easy DIY

You can choose in what form you want to get a sauna: assembled or flat-pack variant. The assembled sauna will come directly from the factory, you only need to prepare the foundation. If you choose a flat-pack variant, you will receive all the necessary materials and instructions for self-assembly. Our clients assembled their saunas in 12-15 hours. If you like to do something yourself, then this is a good opportunity to enjoy the process and reduce shipping/product costs.

Eco-friendly materials


We use spruce or termowood as the base material for outdoor sauna. Spruce keeps heat perfectly and it is a strong material. The quality is demonstrated not only by technical characteristics but also visually. Spruce retains a shade of whiteness relatively longer than other tree species.

Termowood has all the advantages of natural wood, at the same time it is free from its disadvantages. During heat treatment, modification technology is used without chemicals. It is based on the effect on wood by hot steam with a temperature of 150-240 ° C. Heat treatment is carried out under pressure and without air access. After the modified wood is exposed to express drying at high temperatures. As a result, the material is completely deprived of the possibility for microbes generation, and its strength and durability increase.

On the product page of each model, you can choose the type of wood according to your needs.