4m for 8 persons Outdoor Sauna with Dressing Room (S4P)

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Model S4P
DiameterØ2m / Ø2.2m
Assembled size LxWxHØ2m - 400х200х210 cm / Ø2.2m - 400х220х230 cm
Flat-pack size LxWxH400х80х150 cm
Volume of steam room Ø2m - 8 m³ / Ø2.2m - 9,8 m³
Length of steam room 280 cm
Weight ∅2.0 / ∅2.2~720 kg / ~778 kg
Capacity of steam room~4 persons
Wood thickness40 mm
Heating-time~1 h

Basic Set Includes:

Spruce sauna body (wood thickness 40 mm)
Benches from Alder or Thermowood
Stainless steel hoops
Bitumen Shingle Roof
Sauna Stones (with stove only)
Brown Tempered Glass Door / Exterior wooden door
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    • Sauna stones 20 kg
    • Stovepipes
    • Rain collar + rain hood
    • Fastening materials
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    • Sauna stones 120 kg
    • Stovepipes
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    * Huum Drop electric heater cannot be used with a round panoramic window

    • Eelectric stove Huum Drop 9, 9kW (230V; 400V) + UKU Local sauna controller
    • Sauna Stones - 60 kg

  • Diameter – Ø2; Ø2,2 m
  • Weight (∅2.0 / ∅2.2) ~720 kg / ~778 kg
  • Thickness – 40 mm
  • Capacity – 8 persons
  • Glass door size: 1710 mm x 707 mm for diameter 2 m; 1890 mm x 707 mm for diameter 2,2
  • Wooden door size: 1710 mm x 707 mm for diameter 2 m; 1890 mm x 707 mm for diameter 2,2

Basic Set Includes:

  • Spruce / Thermowood barrel (thickness 40 mm, Ø2/Ø2,2 m, h = 2,1/2,3 m – without chimney)
  • Benches from Thermowood
  • Brown Tempered Glass Door
  • Bitumen Shingle Roof
  • Sauna Stones (with stove only)
  • Stainless steel hoops – 4 psc.



  • Length: 4 m; 4,4 m (with canopy)
  • Width: 2 m for diameter – 2 m; 2,2 m for diameter – 2,2 m
  • Height: 2,1 m for diameter – 2 m; 2,3 m for diameter – 2,2 m (without Chimney)


  • Length: 4 m; 4,4 m (with canopy)
  • Width: 0,8 m
  • Height: 1,5 m for sauna with electric stove; 1,8 m for sauna with wood-fired stove
Feet arrangement for sauna: pic S4P-sauna-feet-arrangement


Functional and convenient Barrel Sauna consisting of 2 rooms is an excellent option for a big family of 8-10 persons. This Garden sauna with dressing room can be complemented by both a wood-burning stove Harvia and Electric Stove. The dressing room has some benches where you can relax after leaving a steam room without going outside and store your bath things. Outdoor wood-burning sauna is available in both assembled and non-assembled versions. also, it can be made from spruce or thermowood, in diameters of 2m and 2.2 m. We recommend you to complement this model with other useful accessories that you can find in the Sauna Zubehör section.
Buying this practical Garden sauna with dressing room, you will get comfort and convenience for a reasonable price as well as a perfect gift for your family health.

One more option to extend an ordinary sauna and make it more interesting and functional is to furnish it with sheltered outside seats. One can use them for cooling down between separate sauna sessions or for relaxation after finishing his sauna ritual. All the saunas are handcrafted by the means of old traditional cooperage technology. The wooden planks are carefully selected and then tightened with stainless steel hoops, the whole construction is treated with natural tar oil, making our saunas purely eco-friendly. We use only high-quality Spruce and thermally modified wood for construction of our saunas . Spruce has very good thermal conductivity, it is light but still very durable, it has pleasant light colour and good scent. Thermowood makes sauna resistant to shrinkage caused by lack of humidity and extreme temperatures. It eliminates the chance of deformation in case of multiple dislocations of a sauna. However, separate parts of sauna, such as floor and benches, are made of thermowood as it does not get too hot and does not exude resin.

Portability is a significant advantage of a barrel sauna over an ordinary one. In case you decide to move to another district, city or even country, you will not be forced to leave your favourite sauna. Just place your sauna on a cargo, and take it with you! If you feel that you deserve absolute comfort and want someone to care about every little detail, purchase one of our preassembled saunas and we will deliver it right to your house! All you have to do in this case is place the stove and enjoy your new sauna!

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