FAQs about HOT TUBs

First of all, we have a wide range of hot tubs. It is an opportunity to choose a suitable model, form and size. There are variants both for persons who like practical items – Fiberglass  hot tubs. And those who prefer natural and ECO products  – Wooden Hot tubs. Therefore , you can complete your customized Hot tub due to Hot Tub accessories.

Secondly, Baltresto  carefully thinks over the  Fiberglass Hot tubs. They have a perfect ergoform and attractive design. And our leading experts has developed them over the years. All the ideas and client remarks have been captured.

Thirdly, each Hot Tub model is being tested and checked before dispatch it to the customer. All this allows us to avoid confusion and to be sure that our product has a high quality.

Fourthly, buying from Baltresto, you buy the products directly from one of the largest European hot tubs manufacturer. The average monthly sales are about 150 pieces. Baltresto OU is always reliability, better price deal, an opportunity to get extra bonuses and organization of the transport. We deliver all our Tubs by well known delivery services to make sure you will get the quality you have paid for.

Last but not least, this is an individual approach to each request. Professional customer assistance and support team can completely satisfy even our most demanding clients. We will help you to find the perfect product for you and your land or backyard.

Health benefits of the Hot Tub are determined by the wood species from which it is made of. Each wood has its own good effects on the human body. And this is quite difficult to highlight something as better or worse over the others. Briefly, we can say the following:

Spruce Hot tubs. Spruce is one of the traditional types of wood for saunas and hot tubs. Along with unique physical parameters, it has a lot of medicinal properties too. With the spruce hot tub, you combine comfort and health together! It improves metabolism, cleanses the body, restores energy, and improves the mood.

Thermo wood Hot tubs. Thermo wood is also famous for its eco-friendliness, high wear resistance, and durability. The Thermo wood hot tub is free from all kind of rottings or molds forming on it. The greatest advantage of Thermo wood is its ability to retain from any deformation due to temperature changes and moistures. The Spruce hot tub is durable, a little resinous, and due to less drying out, consistently maintains shape and size.

Larch Hot tubs. Larch will improve your mood and raise the overall tone of your body. Asthmatics will also be very happy with water treatments in a Larch Hot Tub because it significantly improves the condition of their respiratory system. This contributes to the normalization of pressure and overall relaxation of the body.

Both variants have advantages and disadvantages:

An internal heater often has more charisma and more atmosphere as you sit close to the fire. And on top of everything else an internal heater is cheaper.

An external heater, however, has more practical advantages once you need to clean the tub or remove the ashes. And of course, more space for people. In terms of heat up time: top models of external heater  heat up the water faster than an internal one.

Assuming average posture, you can expect the following:

An Internal heater:1,6 m tub for 3-4 people, 1,8 m tub for 5-6 people, 2,0 m tub for 6-8 persons, 2,2 m tub for 7-9 persons, 2,4 m tub for 8-10 persons.

An External heater:1,6 m tub for 5-6 people, 1,8 m tub for 7-8 people, 2,0 m tub for 8-10 persons, 2,2 m tub for 9-11 persons, 2,4 m tub for 10-12 persons.

It depends on how often you are planning to use a Hot tub . If you don’t use any cleaning products we recommend to empty it just after hot tubbing. You are using a Hot Tub on an frequent basis, it will be better to connect a good sand filter on your Hot Tub. The filter removes substances and fats from the water. You can use chemical agents, which are used to clean home pools against algae and bacteria. The dosage of the chemical agents you should use in accordance with guidelines.

In principle, stainless steel is more durable than aluminum. If you overheat a stove without water, but notice it on time, you will have a chance to save just a stainless steel stove. Other things being equal, Stainless steel stoves will be broken later than aluminium ones. Our aluminium stoves are painted and looked more attractive in comparison with stainless steel stoves. Also, a second important advantage of aluminium stoves is more fast heating water. It is worth nothing, the heating rate depends on water volume and such characteristics as fuel, the ambient  temperature etc.  All our heaters will heat up your Hot Tub within 2 hours on average.

An external heater has a special construction that is why water heating is faster. You should  to connect an external heater  with 2 rubber hoses and clamps. Once you fill the tub also the stove will be filled automatically. The heater has a double wall so the water will surround the fire pit entirely. As a result, it will be heat up the water  over a large surface. Hot water will rise and return back to the Tub via the upper connection. Via the lower connection cold water on its turn will be sucked into the stove.

We do not recommend to leave the Tub filled during persistent frost periods. If the hot tub is not used during the winter, drain water out of the hot tub and stove. Always leave the drain valve open. Do not let the water freeze in a hot tub, as frozen water will damage the fiberglass bath and stove. Therefore, during winter period we advise the following:

  • Use a sand filter  with an electric heater (when filled). This combination will enable the water not to freeze;
  • Use an Insulated cover , Polyurethane foam for warmth and 2 plugs for stove for empty heater and keep hot tub filling warm water . In this way the water won’t freeze over the next few days.
  • Empty hot tub after hot tubbing.

The warm-up time of a Hot Tub depends on the volume of water to be heated, and the capacity of the heater. Our tubs have the volume from 700 liters to 3 600 liters, and our stoves have at least a capacity of 23-35 KW!  This results in a heating up time of 1- 3 hours only to a comfortable body temperature.

Thermo Wood is a wood that has been modified by steam and high heat threatment (> 180 °C). Thanks to this process most of negativeness of the wood are minimized and been abolished. This process makes the physical properties of the timber better, improves the durability and provides an excellent colour. We use a  high-quality Thermo Wood from spruce for our hot tubs. The Spruce hot tub is durable, a little resinous, and due to less drying out, consistently maintains shape and size. This wood is resistant to the mould, bacteria and bugs.

Principally, Thermo Wood does not require further maintenance but will get soon a grey colour. If  you wish to sustain the original dark color we suggest using special tar oil. Also, we recommend not to prevent wood drying. Tip! Keep 2-5 cm of water in your Hot tub and cover it by a good lid in hot summer time. Change this water at least once a week.

“Bubbles system” is bottom -up bubbles of the hot tub, which gives you a relaxing feeling and pleasant white noise. So, “HydroMassage System” is a powerful water&air flow which is used as a good back massage. We recommend to use them together for strengthening SPA effect.