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How It All Began?

BALTRESTO was founded in 2008. At the beginning, the company had a narrower specialization – the production of heaters for Wood-fired Hot Tubs. After working hours, the garage 3*5 m became our starting point on the way to big business. Then we tried to connect the burning stove with a bathtub and a wood, and we got the first Wood-fired Hot Tub. This way we realized that we can produce the Hot Tubs. When we made a photo session at the summer cottage, our neighbor became interested of our Wood-fired Hot Tub. That was our first sale of Wood-fired Hot Tub. From that time, we produce a great product making lives of people more comfortable and joyful.

Then we made a bet on an individual approach to each client and receiving by the client of the maximum pleasure from using our Outdoor Saunas and Wood- fired Hot Tubs. So,

  • High quality product
  • Taking into account the wishes and notes of the client
  • Company development with trends of the global market home spa products allowed expand the range of products and the list of satisfied customers.

Today our first Wooden Hot Tub is 15 years old and here is how it looks:  strong wood, no leaks, rot and mold.Our neighbor is happy and even does not think it is time to change it to a new and modern one. Keep the hot tub in such good condition was helped by proper care and, of course, the high quality of the Baltresto product. “What the Outdoor Sauna or Wood-fired Hot Tub I have to choose? How can it serve me for a long time?“ Please contact our sales team and they will help you make the right choice. Follow our blog, there we share useful tips and interesting articles, including how to extend life of your outdoor sauna or Wooden Hot Tub, and keep it for many years.

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Today Baltresto is the largest manufacturer of outdoor saunas and Wood-fired Hot Tubs in Europe

Baltresto is 15 years of experience and more than 70 models of Wood-fired Hot Tubs and 30 models of outdoor saunas. A wide range allows you to choose the product that is suitable for you and your location. A variety of accessories will provide a “SMART” help to complement your Outdoor Sauna or Wood-fired Hot Tub, giving it an individual design and ease of use. Here are few reasons that can direct your choice in favor of Baltresto Hot Tub or outdoor sauna.  

When we designing our products, we introduce not only the latest innovations and Global trends in the market of Outdoor saunas and Wood-fired Hot Tubs, but we take into account the individual wishes and notes of our customers. Customer satisfaction is very important for us. That why, we always get a high quality Wood-fired Hot Tub or outdoor sauna, where everything thought out to the last detail.

pic about_us_fiberglass_hot_tub_4«Quattro»hybrid is the result of the development the Baltresto company, in which we have invested all our knowledge and 10 years’ experience. “Quattro” is the largest and most spacious Fiberglass Hot Tub in our range. It also can be compared with a Jacuzzi. However, with the “Quattro” Fiberglass  Hot Tub from Baltresto you get the convenience, speed of installation, mobility and the price that lower than the Jacuzzi. The advantages of the “Quattro” hybrid model that we can highlight are next:

  1. The ability to quickly heat water using a wood burning stove and keeping heat by the electric heater;
  2. The shape of the “Quattro” Fiberglass  Hot Tub is designed so ergonomically that allows you to take the most comfortable and relaxed position;
  3. Despite its size and comparably small volume (1400 l), the Hot Tub can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people;
  4. By the attention each detail of design, “Quattro” Fiberglass Hot Tub can be used in winter, at any time convenient for you (unlike the Jacuzzi, which cannot be turned off at sub-zero temperature).

So, the first “Quattro” Fiberglass Hot Tub was sold immediately after appearance the pilot sample, even before entering the main sale. Several customers wanted to buy this particular Wood-fired Hot Tub model for their home. They expected its appearance for several months, and finally they got it! Primarily, in work with clients, Baltresto strives to ensure that the client is 100% satisfied with the design, technical characteristics and price. That’s why our product is perfect!

Baltresto Client Always Wins

  • Being followers and tracking Baltresto news on social networks Instagram, Facebook и Youtube, you get the opportunity to participate in giveaways and win additional promo code with a discount on the sauna or on the Wood-fired Hot Tub. This way, the price of a Hot Tub or Outdoor Sauna could be more attractive.
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Baltresto Makes a Bet on Customer Pleasure

Baltresto has a task not just to sell you a Wood-fired Hot Tub  or an outdoor sauna. When you purchase our product, it is so important for us, that you get primarily pleasure and benefit using this Outdoor Sauna or Wood-fired  Hot Tub.

Just look at how can it change your life and life of your family after the acquisition of such a necessary and helpful supplement to your garden. Hot Tub or Outdoor Sauna  can be useful in any situation:

For kids it is always a celebration, because they love swim so much! The Wood-fired Hot Tub can be used to make your kids healthier: as a pool in summer, as a hot bath in winter, while you enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature around.

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Time spent with your family is priceless. It unites, allows you to give each other the necessary attention, reduce the stress level and just relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life together with your family.

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Your own Wooden Hot Tub or Outdoor Sauna is a good reason to spend time alone with your lovely person, make a romantic evening, combining business with pleasure at any age, any time and any place.

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And what about friendly hangouts, neighborhood parties, and just relax weekends? Baltresto Hot Tub will help to spice up your weekend, to celebrate the holiday and get 100% relax.

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Finally, an Outdoor Sauna or a Wood-fired  Hot Tub in the yard of your house is a great opportunity to keep yourself in an excellent shape, make a gift to your health when you want, and a good reason to add rest and relax in your busy life. Make your choice!

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Baltresto in numbers

We deliver our products all over Europe. Also we have offices in the following countries: Finland, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Estonia. Our products are also distributed by dealers in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia.

We have a stable annual sales growth due to the high quality of Outdoor Saunas and Wood-fired Hot Tubs, and positive feedbacks about Baltresto, constant developments in the innovation field, and, as result, the expansion of sales geography. So, we are increasing our market share and gaining momentum.

Reviews about us on the Internet (Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Trustpilot reviews) are confirmation of our competence.

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Baltresto Team: Work and Relax

The staff of our company is growing. Today our team includes of 50 people! And recently we moved to a new, spacious and modern office.

All these people are well-established specialists and, even having achieved high results in their profession, they do not stop developing and are constantly improving.

We working a lot, but we aren’t in the office all days. Also, we know how to relax.

  • We love outdoor activities or just to learn some new team sport. It doesn’t matter who wins. It is important to participate and the pleasure we get!
  • Also we have daily 10-minute “chatters” with a cup of tea or cappuccino.

Our “chatters” are small breaks during the working day, where we communicate with each other and distract from our work.  It is the real unity, when we stand up from our workplaces and all together go to the kitchen.

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Subscription = Benefit for Baltresto Client

Call us, write us and join us in social networks to be aware of all the actions, interesting and useful articles. This way, you don’t miss the opportunity to get a Bonus and the promo code for a discount!

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