Why us


Here you can find top reasons that will be decisive in choosing the Outdoor Sauna or Wood-fired Hot Tub Baltresto. Buying from us, you will be satisfied with the high quality of the Sauna / Wood fired Hot Tubs, and also, you can get additional gifts and nice bonuses.

1. High Quality Product 

We get a high quality product thanks to:

  • a modern equipment and high quality eco-friendly material;
  • specially trained specialists-engineers who are constantly developing and implementing new technologies into production;
  • by testing each Outdoor Sauna and Wooden Hot Tub before shipment to the client;
  • by taking into account all the wishes and notes of our customers.

As a result, the product has an attractive design and appearance, and also it practical and easy to use.

2. Customer-Oriented Service

The priority principle of our company is an individual approach to each client. Professional help and support of the sales team will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Baltresto managers will help you to choose the perfect Outdoor Sauna and Wooden Hot Tub special for you and your location!

3. Product from the Manufacturer

When you buying from Baltresto, you buy directly from one of the largest European manufacturers of Outdoor Saunas and Wooden Hot tubs with 15 years of experience. This means: quality assurance, reliability, competitive prices, the opportunity to get additional bonuses, discounts and presents, organization of product delivery. The average monthly shipments of Outdoor Saunas and Wood-fired Hot Tubs Baltresto are about 250 units.

4. Modern Equipment and High Quality Materials

allow us to:

  • produce a wide range of Outdoor Saunas and Wooden Hot Tubs;
  • implement innovations, taking into account the latest global trends;
  • satisfy the individual wishes of the client.

5. Wide Range of Production

Our range includes more than 30 models of Outdoor Saunas and 70 models of Wood-fired  Hot Tubs. A wide range allows you to choose the product that is suitable for you and your location. A variety of accessories will provide a “SMART” help to complement your Outdoor sauna or Wooden Hot Tub, giving it an individual design and ease of use.

6. Satisfied Clients

This is an important indicator of the quality our work and satisfaction. The Reviews about Baltresto you can see here.

7. Flexible Price Policy

Always, we are offering a variety of options for getting additional bonuses and discounts (for the volume, for using the promotion code FB or IG, for the review and for photo of the product after it installing), the opportunity to participate in the Current Customer Motivation Program. How to get an extra discount or bonus?

8. Two Year Warranty

We provide a 2 year warranty on all Outdoor saunas and Wood-fired Hot Tubs Baltresto. We are confident and responsible for the quality of our products with the right operation and proper care.