For 3 persons Wood-fired Hot Tub with an Inside Heater

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A small cozy Wooden Hot Tub for a family of 2-3 people. The small and economical 1000 liter volume of the fiberglass tank and the inside firewood heater ensure fast water heating. Wood burning Hot Tub, which is built into the barrel and equipped with a protective partition, will be much more esthetical at your site. Round Wooden Hot Tub is a compact, hermetic construction made of thermowood and GFK insert. Buying this economical Wood burning Hot Tub you will make an ideal günstige preise choice and will be able to please your family and friends in your garden.

Basic Set Includes:

  • Fiberglass bath planked with 18 mm thermowood
  • Waterproof plywood flooring
  • Stove fence
  • Drain
    • This option does not include any stove, pipes and fittings for connection. Hot tub is not prepared for stove connection (no holes).
    Basic Set includes:
    • Chimney lower part 32 cm, Ø110 mm, welded to the combustion chamber
    • Chimney 1 m, Ø114 mm
    • Chimney 1 m, Ø 114 mm, with Rain cap
    • Ashpit
    • Assembly materials are included
    Heating Set Includes:
    • Pahlén electric heater
    • Filter system with pump
    • Pipes and fittings for connection
    • Polyethylene filtration balls
    • Wooden box
    2kW heating Set: More>>

    The set is used for maintenance of constant water temperature during bathing or prevention of ice formation and possible water freezing in a filtration system. Other heating sources, for example wood-burning stoves, should be used as the main source of heating.

    Basic set includes: More>> 
    • Filter
    • Polyethylene filtration balls
    • Hose - 2 m
    • Flanges - 2 sets
    • Clamps - 4 pcs
    • Plugs - 2 pcs
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  • Diameter—1.8 m
  • Volume—1000 l
  • Weight (kg) – 170
  • Capacity— 3 persons
  • Height—1,1 m
  • Depth—0.96 m
  • Height of seats – 280 mm
  • Width of seats – 290 mm
  • Thermo-wood outside thickness – 18 mm
  • Waterproof plywood flooring – 9 mm

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Production of wooden hot tubs with fiberglass baths is the place where the good old cooper traditions meet modern technology. Fiberglass bath planked with the high-quality thermowood combines the best characteristics of both, plastic and timber. On the one hand, such a hot tub is more comfortable and easy to use. On the other hand, it still retains elegant and luxurious look. Plastic bath will prevent the whole tub from shrinkage, leakage and deformation. One more significant advantage of plastic baths is an opportunity to equip them with modern bubble- or hydro massage systems and different LED-light systems. The prices for such hot tubs are absolutely reasonable, as one can be sure that the hot tub will serve for many and many years, without any problems.

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