Rules of Use the Promo Codes


What is promo code?

Promo code is a specially designed unique code (alphabetic or numeric), which gives the holder the right to purchase products on the website with special conditions. Terms of use, limitations and validity of the promo code are set separately for each advertising campaign/type of promo code. Promo code can be specified on paper or plastic (ticket, voucher, certificate, plastic card, etc.) or provided in electronic form.

What is an advertising campaign?

Advertising campaign is an event organized by OU «Baltresto Production», and aimed at promoting the brand «Baltresto». As part of the advertising campaign, OU «Baltresto Production» may distribute promotional codes as well. The rules, limitations, conditions of their use and the circle of persons to whom they are broadcast/transmitted/send are set independently by OU «Baltresto Production»

How to use the promo code?

To use the promo code, you need:

  • When ordering on the website please enter the code in the field “Promo code” and click the “Apply” button. After activation of the promo code, the total cost of the goods in the order will be recalculated. The total cost of the order, not including the cost of delivery to the buyer, is reflected on the “Checkout” page. The block “YOUR ORDER” on this page contains: the total cost of the order, the cost of the order taking into account the promo code, the total amount to be paid (excluding delivery). By clicking on the “Place Order” button, the buyer agrees with the total cost of the order.

Types of promo codes

  • Promo code as the form of a percentage discount on the goods. Promo code gives the buyer a discount in % of the goods cost in the order. The promo code applies to all items in the shopping cart, except items participating in sales/promotions. The promotional code as the form of a percentage discount does not give a discount on the payment for the delivery service.
  • Promo code as the form of fixed discount on the goods. Promo code gives the buyer a discount of a fixed amount of the order total cost. The total cost of the order is reduced by the amount corresponding to the nominal value of the promo code. The discount on the promo code is not valid for goods participating in sales and promotions. Promo code as the form of fixed discount does not give a discount on the payment for delivery service.

Special conditions

If the buyer cancels the order personally on the website www. or by contact customer support with the appropriate request, the promo code already applied to this order will not be restored. The discount amount is not returned to the customer in cash. Lost promo code cannot be restored. OU «Baltresto Production» has the right to unilaterally change the terms of promotions and the rules for use of promo codes. All information about these changes will be published on the website A separate agreement may provide other conditions for the use of promo codes.

Apply a promo code

  • Promo codes have a limited validity period;
  • The order must be made within the validity of the promo code. When you edit an order after the expiration of the promo code, it becomes invalid;
  • Within one advertising campaign can be used only one promo code. It is not possible to use 2 or more promo codes at the same time;
  • The discount of the promo code is not valid for products participating in sales and promotions;
  • The promo code discount can be valid only for a certain category of products indicated in the promotion;
  • Special conditions of the purchase with the promo code may not apply to certain products;
  • One promo code may be valid when the buyer makes several orders, if it is provided by the terms of the relevant promotion;
  • In case of partial return of goods purchased with a promo code, the promo code will be canceled, and the cost of the remaining goods is recalculated without a discount, according to which promo code was provided;
  • In case provided within the framework of the promotion with a promo code, and there is a return of goods purchased using the promo code, the gifts must be returned by the buyer or should be paid 100% the value of the gift’s components. The cost is calculated based on the prices from the website on the return date. The delivery cost of the gift is paid by the buyer.