Portable Sauna Guidelines


First of all, it is necessary to prepare place for installation of a sauna. The surface needs to be leveled. Sauna can be installed either on wooden platform or concrete base in such a way that they were able to withstand no less than a couple of tons. In case the barrel is installed close to some other building, for instance, at the edge of the terrace, make sure that a chimney is disposed far enough from the roof of the construction. As soon as all preparations are made, install the sauna, heat it to the required temperature, and enjoy the best sauna bathing ever!

Sauna sessions positively influence our central nervous system, perfectly restore physical strength, relieve anxiety and emotional stress. In addition, a good sauna ritual can help to avoid gaining excess weight, without any special effort. Please notice that in order to reach maximum healing effect, sauna temperature should remain between 80 and 100°C.

Children younger than 3 years old should definitely not visit sauna. Even for children who are older than 3 years temperature should be significantly lower, in order not to provoke health problems. It is important to remember that visiting sauna with dry steam is highly forbidden for people even with a minor level of alcoholic intoxication.

Rules for Using Sauna
  • Before entering heated sauna, it is necessary to have a shower, and properly dry the skin with a towel. This procedure is needed to create optimal conditions for perspiration and thermoregulation.
  • Soap should not be used in sauna, as skin degreased with a soap, has worse reaction towards high temperatures.
  • During the sauna sessions it is necessary to drink plenty of water.
  • Before entering sauna, cover your head with a towel or special sauna hat, in order to protect yourself from overheating and heatstroke.
  • Avoid entering sauna with wet hair!
  • Optimal time period for staying in a heated room is 5-12 minutes.
  • During the sauna session, 3-12 minutes should be spent on cooling down and 15-20 minutes – on relaxation. Duration of sauna sessions is highly individual and depends on one’s age, and health condition.
  • It is advisable to make 2-3 trial circles (see pts. 6, 7)
  • You can sit or lie on the shelves with your legs raised slightly higher than the level of your head.
  • Each sauna session ends with 30-40 minute relaxation. It is a good idea to finish your sauna ritual with a cup of herbal tea.
  • During sauna sessions it is not advisable to consume alcoholic drinks, and enter sauna more than 3-5 times.
  • Do not enter sauna with a wet skin, if you are tired or hungry.
  • Avoid taking contrast shower before sauna session or entering sauna with cold limbs.