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Baltresto Hot Tubs

Different types of Wooden Hot Tubs

Our company produces high-quality Wooden Hot Tubs of different shapes, sizes and designs. One can order a round, oval, or octagonal Hot Tub. The sizes vary from 1,3m x 0,85 m to 2,4 m x 1,8 m. The capacity of the smallest Wooden Hot Tub is 1-2 people, while the biggest one can accommodate up to 10 people. The water in a wooden Hot Tub is heated either by a built-in stove or by an outside stove. You can find the heater from Marine Aluminium or from Stainless Steel. Usually it takes about an hour to heat the water for 5°.

The material of a tub can be Spruce, Larch or Thermo wood. In addition, there are three different types of Hot Tubs – totally made of wood, wooden with a fiberglass bath, and wooden with a stainless steel bath. What is more, we provide a wide range of additional equipment and Hot tub accessories . So, there are many things to decide on, before ordering a Wooden Hot Tub! Let’s have a closer look at different types of Wooden Hot Tubs which Baltresto offers, in order to simplify your choice.

Round wooden Hot Tubs and oval  Hot Tubs

We present Round wooden Hot Tubs  in Spruce, Larch and Thermo wood. They can have diameter from 1,6 m to 2,4 m. You can equip a Hot Tub  with an inside or outside stove made of Marine Aluminium or Stainless Steel. The basic set will include a hot tub with two stainless steel hoops, benches, stove with chimney, steps, drain. And in case you order the tub with an inside stove, we will also provide you with a stove fence. Another variation of a wooden Hot Tub is an oval tub. This one is always equipped with an outside stove, in order to save some extra space. The materials are the same as for the round tubs. The oval  Hot Tubs have two sizes, 1,3 m x 0,85 m and 1,6 m x 1 m. Basic set includes the same things as this for the round tubs.

Wooden Hot Tub with a fiberglass bath

More advanced option of an ordinary wooden Hot Tub is a tub with a fiberglass bath planked by thermo wood. Round tubs have diameter 1,8 m and you can equip it with either an inside or outside stove. Our Octagonal Hot Tubs are in three different sizes – 1,8 m x 1,8 m; 2 m x 2 m; 2,4 m x 1,8 m. This type of a tub has an outside stove. The basic set of a Wooden Hot Tub with a Fiberglass Bath includes the fiberglass bath planked with 18 mm thermo wood with a waterproof plywood flooring, woodstove with chimney, steps, drain, and a stove fence for the type with an inside stove. This kind of Hot Tubs is much easier to maintain, what is more, they can be equipped with modern bubble- or hydro massage systems and different LED-light systems.

Stainless Steel Hot Tub with a Wood-Fired Heater

The most unusual option for those seeking for some luxury is Stainless Steel Hot Tub with a Wood-Fired Heater. The Hot Tub is available with inside and outside stoves. The basic set of this Hot Tub includes a stainless steel bath planked with thermo wood, two stainless steel hoops, a stove with chimney (plus stove fence if necessary), steps and drain. The sizes (diameters) can be the following: 1,6 m, 1,8 m and 2 m. Stainless steel bath is highly hygienic and very durable. Therefore, its higher price will be definitely repaid by the many years of bathing without any problems.

Hot tub accessories

Our company provides a wide range of hot tub accessories which are able to make your bathing more comfortable and pleasing. First of all, you can complete every Hot Tub  with a cover, which can be made of wood or PVC. The cover will protect water in a tub from contamination, hasten the water heating and help to keep the water warm for a longer period of time. One more useful extra is a shelf which can be used as a glass holder.

To facilitate additional comfort and make your bathing more hygienic, order a foot bath and use it before entering the Hot Tub. Beautify your Hot Tub with a decorative wooden top rim, get the tub treated with Tar oil, and add luxurious steps in a semicircle shape. Also, Baltresto offers some useful articles like a paddle, an ash shovel, thermometer and many other things may also come in handy. Finally, you can equip each Hot Tub with a Bubble System, Hydro Massage System and LED Light System.

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