How to build a Wood-fired Hot Tub? Part 2: DIY fiberglass Hot Tub

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How to build a Wood-fired Hot Tub? Part 2: DIY fiberglass Hot Tub

Pragmatic and rational customers choose Fiberglass Hot Tub liners made from modern materials using efficient technologies. Hot Tub liners have recently appeared in the market, and they got well established thanks to their exclusive reliability and quickness when building wood-fired Hot tubs. Fiberglass is an ideal material for making swimming pools and wood-fired Hot tubs. It does not get old or lose its features with time; as for its specific durability it surpasses concrete, additionally, it possesses magnificent tactile and aesthetic properties. Fiberglass easily withstands frost, has excellent moisture and chemical resistance.

There are two ways to DIY Hot tub using the Fiberglass liners: recessed and framed. Of great importance is assembling the system of plumbing, as you have to attach everything correctly. Just estimate how you will be able to do it in each case of installing: what can be more simple or more difficult. After that make your decision.

pic DYI-Hot-Tub-fiberglass-2019-1Recessed Fiberglass liners look like a small open swimming pool. When the recessed way of installing Fiberglass liners is used, you have to know the groundwater level. If it is high, some more careful waterproofing will be necessary. To arrange a recessed fiberglass liner, you have to buy it in advance. Taking into account its shape, more exactly, its depth and dimensions, you can start digging the pit, don’t forget that the pit walls and bottom will be covered with concrete.

When installing items of complicated shapes, some specialists just pour water into them to make them more massive and then recess a fiberglass Hot tub liner into the pit filled with concrete, but doing this you have to be very careful and calculate exactly how much concrete will be displaced by the bowl itself.

Of course, all these actions are carried out considering the technology of draining and filling this recessed tank with water. Finally, the soil around the fiberglass liner is levelled and compacted. You can decorate the perimeter with stone, ceramic granite and flagstone. If you want to use recessed Fiberglass Hot Tub liners in winter, we recommend to choose a model with an Inside Heater.

pic hot-tub-framing-square-2019The framed way of DYI Hot tub means arranging a supporting frame around a wood-fired Hot Tub, this frame consists of metal or wooden strips or sawn timber; afterwards this frame is sheathed with plastic or wooden panels or batten. A drain hole is cut out at the bottom of the container.  Fiberglass Hot Tub liners can then be covered with a frame. The frame must have exactly the same shape of the fiberglass container. You can build the frame yourselves or buy one in the Baltresto online-shop.

If a wood-fired Hot Tub is set near some buildings or just on the terrace, you should make sure that the flue outlet is located far from any constructions made from combustible materials. This distance must be checked both vertically and horizontally to exclude any risk of fire.

The minimal horizontal distance between combustible materials and the flue outlet is three meters. In addition to fire safety, you have to observe general safety rules when using a wood-fired Hot Tub. When installed into the terrace floor, the tub edge should rise 20 cm above the terrace edge so that it is impossible to slip into the tub, also, we recommend you cover the tub with a lid.

Before buying Fiberglass liners, you have to know who provides a warranty (manufacturer or supplier), and how long the warranty period is. Also, note whether the manufacturer provides a warranty against tub damage, when it is used at low air temperatures.

All wood-fired Hot Tubs from Baltresto are covered by a 2-year warranty. Thanks to our 12-year experience we can confidently say that not only do You get a high-quality product, but also the opportunity to choose the best and most affordable equipment for the optimal price! For example, you can add such accessories as HydroMassage System, Bubble System, Pearl color for fiberglass, LED-lights, various water filtration, and heating systems (external firewood or internal heater) to standard Fiberglass Hot Tub liners.

If necessary, you can always get advice from our customer service team, who will help you find the best solution for your site and budget!

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