Alder Floor

Alder Floor

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Alder Floor for Barrel Sauna made from the same wood as sauna shelves, so the interior looks harmonious.

  • 2m for the model S2, S2V, SH2
  • 3m for the model S3, S3P, S3V
  • 4m for the model S4P, S4PV
  • width is 69 cm for all models


Additional Alder Floor provides comfort and practicality when using Barrel Sauna!

  • it allows a slightly concave bottom to be straight according to the Barrel sauna shape
  • there is no risk of slipping on the wet floor, as water will flow under Alder Floor bars
  • alder wood has a low thermal conductivity and will not burn a human body even at high temperatures
  • additional sauna accessories, such as a small stool or water tank, can be placed on the flat floor
  • easy to maintain: small dimensions of Alder Floor enable you to wash it easily and thoroughly after each time you take a sauna

Attention! When you order this product, make sure that your chosen Alder Floor model fits the length of your Barrel Sauna or consult our manager!

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2m, 3m, 4m