Steam room lighting


To arrange efficient and safe lighting in Outdoor Sauna, where the air temperature can reach 80°C, it is necessary to choose devices that are as resistant to such conditions as possible. These are lamps made from glass, heat-resistant plastic, and metal.

The wooden grate will make lighting more tender and softer, cast beautiful shadows and shades on all surfaces, help to relax and enjoy SPA-procedures. Besides, the grate protects Lamp from any possible damage and prevents fragments from spreading out.


Sauna lamps set includes:

  • Lamp
  • Cables
  • Switches

The main rules of arranging Lamp for Outdoor sauna

  • An appropriately qualified specialist must install and connect Lamp to the power supply system.
  • The case and plafond of the lamp must be hermetic. The lamp must be absolutely dry, as the slightest amount of moisture increases the risk of electric shock and provokes the explosion of the lamp and its plafond.
  • The lamp should emit soft light so that a person in a relaxed state doesn’t have to squint and can feel comfortable;
  • It is better to chosen tender lighting that leaves slight semi-darkness and allows you to relax, as no cosmetic procedures are accepted in the steam room;
  • It is not recommended to use ceiling lights because it is there where the maximum air temperature is fixed, it is optimal to arrange heat-resistant sauna lamps on the central or lower levels;
  • To avoid injuries from the damage and failure of lighting devices, they must be covered with a protective screen or grate which will prevent any direct contacts with electricity in high humidity conditions as well as protect you from being cut with fragments if a lamp accidentally breaks;