Remmers HK Stain

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Solvent-based premium wood preservative stain with excellent moisture protection for exterior wood.


  • for wood-fired hot tubs: 2.5 l
  • for 1.6m – 2.4m saunas: 5 l
  • for 3m – 4m saunas: 7.5 l
  • for 5m sauna and oval saunas: 10 l
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  • 3 in 1: impregnation, priming and stain
  • Protects wood from moisture and provides effective protection against blue stain fungi
  • Reduces the risk of rot when used in conjunction with constructive wood protection measures
  • Increased solids content provides protection against nesting wasps
  • Protective film against mould and algae
  • Breathable
  • Good penetration
  • Subsequent treatment without sanding