DIY Hot Tub. Part 1: How to build a wooden Hot Tub?

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DIY Hot Tub. Part 1: How to build a wooden Hot Tub?

Nowadays dozens of manufacturers offer Wood-fired Hot tubs, they use a variety of materials for their production: from wood and fiberglass to stainless steel. We are going to tell you what kinds of Wood-fired Hot tubs exist and whether it is possible to make a homemade Hot Tub in this article.

A wooden Hot tub is a classic construction which has strong healing properties for the body. To build homemade Hot Tub, hardwood is suitable, which has good moisture resistance and reliability. Such materials include larch, cedar, beech, oak and pine. However, it is very hard to build your own hot tub and take care of wooden Hot Tub.

First of all, it is not so easy to make wooden elements for the homemade Hot Tub assembly, as it may seems, as they should create both a single solid and hermetically sealed structure.

pic DIY-Hot-Tub-1They have to fit tightly together, creating a solid (without gaps) surface on the walls and at the bottom. In addition, the wooden Hot Tub walls should be tightly joined with its bottom. Natural wood gets dried up with time, thus causing water leaks. To avoid them, the board lock joint is used, and wooden Hot Tubs are also tightened with metal hoops, which should be regularly retightened to eliminate drying out consequences.

DIY Hot Tub. The order of assembling a wooden Hot Tub:

  1. The drain hole is cut out in the prepared bottom.
  2. The cross joint is fixed in the center of the bottom from below.
  3. The bottom is set onto the flat surface.
  4. Put the wooden Hot Tub walls together. To do it, join together workpieces with previously glued edges. Then we apply some moisture-resistant and frost-resistant hermetic into the grooves of workpieces. Press the board grooves tightly to the bottom. The last board is driven in from above.
  5. The ready construction is tightened with three metal bands using clamping mechanisms.
  6. Put benches inside a wooden Hot Tub.
  7. All the surfaces of the wooden Hot Tub and benches are treated with fine sandpaper, impregnated with wood preservative and painted with lacquer several times.
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In fact, such a Wood-fired Hot tub should be assembled from separate boards and properly sealed, which can be done only by professionals. Keep in mind that you will have to buy tools and consumables you need to assemble the tub in addition to the material necessary to arrange a wooden Hot Tub.

The easiest, cheapest and most reliable way is to get a completely ready tub with a manufacturer’s warranty. Wooden Hot tubs are available in various shapes at different prices. Baltresto offers quality wooden Hot Tubs from the manufacturer with 12-year experience, they are developed by specialists-engineers who constantly implement new technologies in their production. If customers require, a standard model (which includes a staircase, seats, drain system) can be supplemented with the following options: Bubble System, LED-lights, various water filtration and heating systems (external wood or internal heater). Each model is checked before sale, securely packed and carefully delivered to Your house.

Our customer service is always ready to help You in choosing the right model exactly for You!

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