How to Clean a Hot Tub with Fiberglass liner?

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How to Clean a Hot Tub with Fiberglass liner?

Fiberglass Hot Tub care is aimed at preventing persistent dirt and avoiding the damage of the surface layer.

To take proper care of your fiberglass liner, you need to purchase soft microfiber sponges and fabrics. Also, it is necessary to use special products. Detergents can be particularly dangerous for fiberglass Hot Tub if they contain concentrated alkalis and acids, chlorine and ammonia. These substances can change the bath color, lead to the appearance of small cracks and scratches and make the smooth surface rough.

1. Choosing the right cleaning solution

It is better to select fluids with a cleaning effect to properly maintain the fiberglass liner. The dosage and cleaning methods should be observed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They may be:

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  • special products for fiberglass, including non-abrasive paste. Abrasive paste contains particles similar to small sand grains which can damage fiberglass. Before using any paste, squeeze its small amount onto your finger and rub it, you’ll see sand grains immediately.
  • liquid soap;
  • shower gel;
  • dishwashing liquids are one of the most popular options, as they remove most grease and oil stains.


  • Don’t use dishwasher detergents, they may be too hard for fibreglass.
  • There shouldn’t be bleach in the detergent or cleaner.
  • To remove any lime scale and rust, use only special products for dishes or fiberglass/acrylic baths.
  • In case of their accidental application, wash off chemical active substances with cold water. High temperatures increase the reaction rate, and the surface will be damaged faster.

2. Use appropriate cleaning tools

Avoid using brushes when cleaning the product regularly. They will scratch and destroy its gel surface.

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  • Gently rub your fiberglass cleaner with a cloth or soft nylon brush;
  • Move your tools circularly when cleaning fiberglass so you are less likely to scratch it.
  • Use a sponge for particularly difficult stains.


Do not use steel sponges, sandpaper as they are too hard for fiberglass surfaces.

3. Be careful when cleaning fiberglass

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Exposure to fiberglass dust and cleaning agents can irritate your skin, eyes or respiratory tract. There won’t be any serious health problems, but it may cause some discomfort. We recommend using gloves and a mask when cleaning fiberglass.

4. Cleaning the whirlpool System

pic Clean-Fiberglass-Step-14The whirpool system should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. If soapy foam, dirt and organic residues get into hoses, they start decomposing which leads to unpleasant smells. When the water circulates in the system, this dirt gets into the common tank, making the bathing procedure unhygienic.

You can buy your own Jacuzzi disinfectants to solve the problem. The bath is filled with warm water, with antiseptic added, and hydromassage mode is started for 10-15 minutes. Then the water is drained, and the bath should be thoroughly rinsed from the disinfectant left.

Note! Chrome-plated whirlpool jets should be washed only with substances for chrome-plated surfaces. This must be taken into account when choosing a bath detergent. Otherwise, chrome-plated elements may darken or streak.

Thus, caution and accuracy are the main rules for taking care of fiberglass Hot Tub. We recommend you not to make the condition critical, allowing the formation of thick lime deposits and rust, try to remove stains or dirt immediately, using special mixtures. We wish your Wood-fired Hot Tub to please you with its appearance and functionality for a long time!

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