How to use and take care of a wooden hot tub

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How to use and take care of a wooden hot tub

Installation of  your wooden  hot tub

When you have purchased  the “wooden mini-pool,” it is necessary to determine a suitable place to install it. It would be better if a specialist makes the selection  because there are some subtleties and nuances.

You can connect the drainage outlet directly to the sewage system, and it is self-flowing here (like in a regular bathtub). Then you should check the tension of the hoops and  you can proceed with the first “refueling.” After filling the tub with water, it is necessary to let it stay for 2-3 hours, and then drain it out. At last, you should rinse the walls and bottom of the hot tub and fill it again up to the desired level. Then you can select the temperature according to your desire (warm or cold).

Take care of the wooden hot tub

The wooden hot tub needs certain attention. As with all external structures, it is necessary to monitor and care for it. The durability of the hot tub depends on how correctly and timely these rules are maintained. You can use it for a very long time if you keep in mind the following:

  • It is unwise to leave a wooden hot tub without water for more than a week (it will crack and leak).
  • Do not place devices or any other types of “warm systems” near stoves or heating (the wood poorly handle large differences of temperature and humidity).
  • It is forbidden to apply abrasive substances for cleaning the wooden tub (for the preservation of the protective layer of the wood).
  • Check and monitor the condition of tension hoops regularly (if necessary, tighten them).

The Hot tub , which is made of wood

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It’s no secret that wood, if on the street in wet conditions, is subject to rapid decay and fungus formation. If you wish to sustain the original dark color and extend the life of the hot tub we suggest using special tar oil 

At the same time, the wooden hot tub can “breathing”, and it also keeps a pleasant natural aroma and all curative properties of wood.  Also, we recommend not to prevent wood drying. It is better to keep 2-5 cm of water in your Hot tub and cover it by a good lid in hot summer time.

By the way, you should prefer hot tub, made of wood, over any other kinds of tub because of its healing properties. In such case, the plastic tub is clearly a lost bargain. Polypropylene or fiberglass are more practical choice than plastic, but they do not have wood like healing properties.

Recently, many people are trying to be close to nature, away from the daily bustle of the city. If this does not work, then a “live” wooden hot tub will help you to get a step further away from the everyday monotonous urban life.

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