Traditional bamboo whisk. What is it and how to use?

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Traditional bamboo whisk. What is it and how to use?

A bamboo whisk is a great present for any sauna-fun! Each bath attendant will surely appreciate its useful features and unusual look!

pic bamboo-whisk-saunaA bamboo whisk is a bunch of long and thin bamboo sticks. Although it is called a whisk, it is not used as an usual branch whisk: it is for soft relaxing massage but not for hard beating.

Bamboo whisk massage stimulates blood flow and strengthens the cardio-vascular system. Soft massage and touch of bamboo sticks accelerate skin wound, scratch and brash recovering. Also, bamboo whisk massage produces a significant anti -cellulite effect. Hips and buttocks are the most vulnerable places for cellulite development. To reduce cellulite, you have to take regular massage for these places, at least 20 procedures.

How to use a bamboo whisk properly? Bamboo whisk massage starts with quite careful tapping and punching which gradually increase. The speed and tempo of tapping should change from weak to strong ones and vice versa, it will assist in achieving the best health effect. A bamboo whisk is elastic, thus if to estimate properly the tapping strength, the best effect of muscle relaxing will be achieved. Bamboo whisk massage can be made together with other beauty procedures, for example, masks and pilling.

Bamboo whisk massage can be made before, during and after visiting a hot room. If this massage is made on a dry body (before visiting a hot room), a bamboo whisk should be put into hot water for a while. If the massage is made on a hot body, a dry whisk can be used. If have put a whisk into water, don’t forget to dry it after its usage. A whisk should be kept I a dry place.

As a result of using such whisk, the general health of a person improves significantly. Massage with any whisk should be pleasant and last no more than 3-5 minutes. Otherwise, the skin may become irritated.

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