Vertical Outdoor Sauna for 2 persons

Vertical Outdoor Sauna for 2 persons

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Basic Set Includes:

  • Spruce / Thermowood barrel (thickness 40 mm, Ø2 m, h = 2,6 m-without chimney)
  • Benches from Alder
  • Brown Tempered Glass Door
  • Bitumen Shingle Roof
  • Accessories
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Stand-up Barrel Sauna is a perfect solution for smaller yards. It is very compact and will not occupy a lot of space. In spite of its smaller dimensions, vertical barrel sauna does not yield to other sauna types in the quality of sauna sessions. Such a sauna will accommodate a small family or a company of close friends. Both two and four people will feel cosy and comfortable in a stand-up sauna. What is more, this fairy-tale wooden building with a coloured conical roof will definitely beautify any landscape! We provide quality warranty to each our sauna, so you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time without any problems.

Each barrel sauna can be equipped with windows, while the front glass door can be replaced with a wooden one. In order to make your rest even more convenient, we offer you different sauna accessories. Thermometer will help you control the temperature in sauna and maintain it at an optimal level. Wooden bucket and scoop are indispencable sauna attributes—use them for pouring pure water or water with addition of some herbal decoction on hot stones, in order to get steam. Try our brooms, in order to make your sauna rituals more diverse and healthy. For example, birch broom is good for muscle relaxation, it relieves pains and stiffness in muscles and joints, cleanses your skin and raises the spirits. For those who prefer exotics, we sugest trying a bamboo broom. It is very helpful for problem skin, as it allows getting rid of black comedones and stretch marks. Regular massage with bamboo broom alleviates pains in spine and joints. In addition, bamboo does not cause allergies, which makes it suitable for everyone. Finally, you should definitely take care of your head, support it with our comfortable headrest and cover with a nice sauna hat. The hat will protect your head from overheating, which can be really dangerous, and it will help to prevent your hair from getting too dry.

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