How to keep water warm in the Wood-fired Hot Tub?

How to keep water warm in the Wood-fired Hot Tub?

In this article we will give answers to very important questions related to maintenance of water temperature as well as saving energy and time on water heating. Depending on your needs and wishes, you can easily choose a bath, its size, shape and necessary accessories, such as hydro, whirlpool massage or LED lighting. But as for keeping water warm and saving energy, our customers usually have no clear ideas on what exactly they want.

During frosty periods the main requirement for the wood-fired Hot Tub care is to prevent water from freezing in the bath or in systems used in it!

First of all, you have to understand how often you are going to use your wood-fired Hot Tub. Tentatively, let’s consider two different scenarios of using wood-fired Hot Tub with a furnace.

  • Wood-Fired Hot Tub is used quite rarely, once every 2 weeks or less.
  • Wood-Fired Hot Tub is used quite often, once a week or more.

1. If you are planning to use the wood-fired Hot tub rarely.

There will be no difficulty in choosing its additional equipment. In this case you can use fresh water each time you use wood-burning Hot Tub, and it won’t be necessary to spend extra time and money to buy and maintain any additional equipment. But we recommend buying an insulated cover in any case, as not only can it keep heat  but also protect the Hot Tub  from leaves or insects.  In addition, such a lid is very convenient, one person can easily take it off or cover even large wood-fired Hot Tub of 2x2m or 2×1.7m. It is easy to clean the lid and securely attach it to a hot tub with 4 locks. We also advise you to buy an additional external drain with ¾ connection so that you can easily connect a drain hose.

2. In case a Wood-fired Hot Tub is used frequently, we can offer various options for its additional equipment.

Choose the most suitable one for you:

2.1. An insulated cover + grommet plugs.

This option is the most economical, but it requires to keep above-zero water temperature using a wood-fired heater. Therefore, it is necessary to heat the water every 4 days. It is usually enough to keep the water temperature up to 40 °C and prevent it from freezing at -5 … -10 °C, in case of harder frosts you have to heat water more frequently. Note that grommet plugs can’t be installed while the heater is hot. They can be installed only after you are sure that charcoal and ash are completely cold.

2.2. An insulated cover + grommet plugs + polyurethane foam.

The same instructions mentioned in point 2.1 should be applied, but the water heat in a hot tub is kept by 50% longer. This means that you have to heat the water once every 6 days.

2.3. Hybrid set: an insulated cover + grommet plugs + polyurethane foam + sand filter + 3kW electric heater.

It is an autonomous system that does not require any additional measures to maintain constant above zero water temperature in the wood-burning Hot Tub. It is only necessary to connect the heater and filter to the electric network and set the desired temperature on the heater thermoregulator. The electric heater will constantly keep the given temperature. If you have only to prevent water from freezing during frosts, it is enough to set the temperature at +5°C on the heater thermostat. Thus, the power consumption will be minimal. If you have a hydromassage system installed, water can probably get frozen in the whirlpool system during severe frosts of -10° and lower. Therefore, it’s better to remove water out of the wood-fired Hot Tub.

Let’s consider all possible options of employing additional equipment in the wood-burning Hot Tub the winter frosty season.

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