Our advantage

When you buying from Baltresto, you buy directly from one of the largest European manufacturers of Outdoor Saunas and Wooden Hot tubs with 15 years of experience. This means: quality assurance, reliability, competitive prices, the opportunity to get additional bonuses, discounts and presents, organization of product delivery. The average monthly shipments of Outdoor Saunas and Wood-fired Hot Tubs Baltresto are about 250 units.

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First of all, while dealing with customers, Baltresto tries to make customers be 100% satisfied with the design, technical characteristics and price. That is why your product will be perfect! We are confident in our production quality and offer a 2-year warranty for outdoor saunas and all elements.

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Baltresto  was founded in 2008. Baltresto is 15 years of experience and more than 70 models of Wood-fired Hot Tubs and 30 models of outdoor saunas. A wide range allows you to choose the product that is suitable for you and your location. A variety of accessories will provide a “SMART” help to complement your Outdoor Sauna or Wood-fired Hot Tub, giving it an individual design and ease of use.

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All Outdoor Saunas and Wooden Hot tubs from Balresto manufacturer are environmentally safe and non-toxic which means it is safe for human health.  We produce High quality products from wood, which has been grown in cold climates with long winters. As a result, the wood is qualitatively better, more stable, more durable and has much fewer branches in the board and beam goods. Health benefits of the Wooden Products are determined by the wood species from which it is made of. We produce a wide rangeof Outdoor Saunas and Wooden Hot Tubs from Spruce, Larch and Thermo wood.

Our goal: to offer the buyer excellent quality at the best price! Customer satisfaction is very important for us. We get a high-quality product thanks to: a modern equipmentand high-quality eco-friendly material; specially trained specialists-engineers who are constantly developing and implementing new technologies into production; by testing each Outdoor Sauna and Wooden Hot Tub before shipment to the client. That is why your product will be perfect!