It is a filter designed to collect waste floating on the water surface: insects, leaves, other small and a bit bigger elements whose density does not allow them to go down. Skimmer allows you to automatically clean your wood-fired Hot Tub. A hinged Skimmer is easy to move, and it requires no installation holes. The bracket on which the skimmer is mounted is adjustable and allows you to change the position, depending on the water level. A skimmer is used for about 1-2 hours after bathing and removes most waste out of water. In winter it is easy to remove a skimmer and keep it indoors to prevent its freezing.

Basic Set Includes:

  • Skimmer SI2000
  • Cartridge


A handy hinged Skimmer keeps water clean in a wood-fired Hot Tub!

A hinged Skimmer SI 2000 allows economizing water and bathing only in clean water. When you use a skimmer, it is not necessary to change the water after each soaking in the Outdoor Hot Tub, so you can save your time and money.

Skimmer SI 2000 has a filtering element which is easy to remove and wash. We recommend you to order one spare filtering element when you order a filtering system. The main filter absorbs water from the surface, and it goes through a coarser filter. The coarse filter traps big particles of waste such as leaves, cones ad hair. Then it is time for the main filter to remove the remaining particles out of water.

  • Skimmer SI 2000 can be used at heating Outdoor Hot Tub because it also mixes water, so you don’t have to do it manually.
  • Skimmer SI 2000 should be also used when you take water from a lake or pond for your wood-fired Hot Tub.
  • Filters don’t remove bacteria, so we recommend you to use, for instance, chlorine tablets in addition to Skimmer!