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New Baltresto Production
BALTRESTO LLC deals with producing and selling wooden hot tubs and barrel saunas. Our company was established in the year 2008. During this time we rose from amateurs in a hot tub production to a self-confident, powerful and recognized manufacturer with precise goals and tasks. Today we are professionals and our manufacturing covers all the range of goods for the wooden hot tubs and barrel saunas. We offer hot tubs, saunas and stoves as well as a variety of accessories that can make your bathing more pleasant and comfortable.

Our reputation is the warranty of our welfare. Our products are made of high-quality materials undergoing tight control. Any drawbacks of wood are eliminated at the stage of sorting. Due to highly-qualified staff from craftsmen to managers we reach optimal attractive prices for high-quality goods. BALTRESTO wooden hot tubs are produced in Estonia from high quality spruce, larch or thermowood. All wood-burning hot tubs are thoroughly assembled manually by our experienced craftsmen using traditional methods of woodworking.

A wide production base gives us an opportunity to make all range of goods of different shapes and sizes. We are not limited to manufacturing of standard products. If after looking through our list of products you have not found any suitable product or you have some special wishes, we will take your individual order for making a wooden tub to your taste. It is always convenient to work with BALTRESTO. Making an order, you benefit in price, terms of manufacturing and shipping because you work directly with the manufacturer. You do not have to go through a red-tape with agents.

We offer the most reasonable prices, broad assortment and high quality. We manufacture wooden hot tubs, in both assembled and disassembled condition. We sell and deliver our products Europewide directly to the doors of your house. We provide complete instruction for use and keeping of our tubs. Besides, we include a detailed construction manual, if you decide to save money and assemble the hot tub or sauna yourself. The range of interests of our company is not limited to a single country or region. Due to the adjusted logistics system, we deliver our goods throughout Europe directly to your threshold.

It is always profitable and interesting to be our customer. We appreciate every customer. Ordering goods from BALTRESTO, you get high-quality service and individual approach. Apart from that, we offer attractive discounts and from time to time you can purchase our products on special nice offers. If you have any questions, contact us on the phone or via e-mail and get detailed information on anything you want to know.

Wooden Hot Tub with Fiberglass Bath

Thermowood hot tub can be improved and diversified even further. For example, it is possible to purchase a tub with a stainless steel insert. Due to its high mechanical durability and plasticity stainless steel is perfect for construction of baths. Temperature and pressure fluctuations do not affect stainless steel as well. What is more, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, which is perfect in conditions of constant contact with water. Stainless steel is highly hygienic, as its surface is unfavourable to the growth of fungus or mould. Wooden hot tub with a stainless steel liner does not only have good operational characteristics, but it also has an outstanding view.

Another possibility to enhance positive characteristics of a thermowood hot tub is to equip it with a fiberglass insert. Plastic bath also prevents wooden tub from shrinkage, leakage and deformation. Fiberglass bath planked with thermowood is more comfortable and easier to use than an ordinary wooden hot tub. At the same time it still has very natural  and harmonious look.

Fiberglass hot tub is very simple in maintenance. It is only necessary to rinse it thoroughly before and after every use. In order to support hygiene, sponge the bath with liquid washing agents depending on the frequency of use. Wooden hot tub with a plastic bath is definitely more durable than the one without it. Therefore, the purchase of a wooden hot tub with plastic bath can be with confidence called a good investment!

A big variety of colours, shapes and sizes is another advantage of fiberglass inserts. Thus, one can choose the hot tub that will perfectly complement the interior design of his house or design of his back yard. What is more, it is possible to equip them with different LED-light systems and modern bubble- or hydro massage systems. These additions will not only diversify your rest, but also enhance positive health effect of hot tub bathing.

Barrel Saunas

BALTRESTO produces not only high-quality hot tubs but also wonderful barrel saunas of different models.For those who enjoy a healthful steam sauna in the outdoors, Baltresto makes wooden circular saunas that can be placed in the backyard or any outdoor environment. Barrel sauna is made of wood with 2.0 meters in diameter. Inside you’ll find alder shelves, the length of which gives you enough space to steam either sitting- or lying down. The sauna is heated up by wood burning stove with the stones inside. A tank made of stainles steel is situated on the flue to heat up the water. Both the flue and the tank are made of the high quality stainless steel, with the increased firmness to high temperatures. Another option, is a sauna with electric heater. All sauna elements are made and fitted with accordance to European rules and regulations.

The range of our saunas is quite wide. One can order a simple one-room sauna, or a more complex version with two rooms and outside seats. One-room barrel sauna consists of a steam room, which can be either 2 or 3 meters long. Steam room can be complemented with a dressing room. In this case, sauna will have total length 3 or 4 meters. On the contrary, barrel sauna with a steam room can be equipped with outside seats. The length of such sauna will be 2,4 meters or 3,6 meters. The biggest and the most functional sauna model offered by our company includes a steam room, dressing room and outside seats. For those, seeking for something totally different, we can offer vertical sauna. What is more, BALTRESTO is always ready to process any special order and will strive for providing the best service to its clients.

Wooden Hot Tub made of Larch

Hot tub can provide a great deal of positive sensations and significantly improve physical health. Soaking in a wooden bath stimulates metabolism and reduces the risk of catching colds. Hot water relaxes muscles and gives them a true rest. In addition, bathing in warm water improves sleep quality and helps to alleviate head- and backaches. Nowadays hot tubs are being produced from different materials, while wood is considered to provide the best healing effect. Durability of a hot tub and its specific healing qualities highly depend on the kind of wood, chosen for the production of a hot tub.

Larch is an excellent material for a tub. Larch hot tub is robust and time-proof, it contains substances preventing it from moisture and bacterial attack making the tub resistant to decay. Do you know the piles of houses in Venice are made of larch? Larch is wonderful, it has natural luster, great variety of shades, obvious growth rings and rich textures. It creates special atmosphere and adds certain charm when you take a bath.

Larch aroma relaxes you after a hard day. Within some minutes you feel completely revitalized. Larch scent helps to recover from colds due to natural phytoncides that penetrate your respiratory airways. Larch hot tub prevents you from migrains, neuroses and hypertension.

Larch hot tub with the built-in stove gives you a pleasure of warm and fragrant comfort outside. Water is heated by means of the wood-burning stove placed into the special part of the tub. Larch hot tub with a built-in stove suggests a perfect opportunity to feel overall refreshment. It is natural eco-friendly wooden spa. Several minutes spent in this tub will make your tone and spirits high.

Wooden Hot Tub made of Spruce

Each person needs some leisure time, and usually he or she wants to get the high-quality rest in the shortest time. One would prefer recreation that takes little time and has a maximum relaxing and refreshing effect. One of the best ways to achieve this is taking a good soak in a wooden hot tub. Bathing will not only let you relax and spend some quality time but also improve your health and raise spirits. Besides, you will get an unforgettable pleasant sensation while bathing in a hot tub outdoors and feel a burst of energy that can be provided only with hot water in a wooden hot tub made of natural materials.

Spruce tub with a built-in stove is the traditional type of a wooden hot tub.  In fact, this type of a bath has a number of significant advantages. Firstly, spruce is less resinous than other types of wood used in hot tub building. Therefore, resin spots on the tub appear less often. Secondly, spruce is a light species. It does not matter for permanent baths, but it is important for hot tubs. Thirdly, one should not forget about healing properties of spruce.Spruce is one of the most important components in aromatherapy. Its aroma has an excellent relaxing effect and helps to reduce stress and manage anxiety and depression. Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties of spruce are widely known, as it effectively prevents and cures infectious diseases, scratches and bruises.

Spruce hot tub with a built-in stove consists of the tub separated into two parts by a protective fence. The first, smaller part contains aluminium or stainless steel stove, while the second part is used for bathing. The built-in stove burns wood. Pieces of wood are put from above and burn in the stove which heats water in the tub. The use of such hot tub is very simple. It is just necessary to fill up the tub with water, kindle the stove, wait for a while to let the water reach desired temperature, and enjoy bathing.

Wooden Hot Tub made of Thermowood

Sometimes there is a wish not only to have a rest, relaxation and distraction from everyday routine, but also have a real fun time in a pleasant company. The best occasion to get together with friends or family is to invite them to the party with a hot tub. Give a lot of positive emotions to your near and dear, share joy and fun supplied with natural warmth of a wooden hot tub. It is so good to have a chance to use your hot tub in any season and any weather. Any season provides its memorable moments. It is so pleasant to deepen into natural warmth of hot water when it is a cold winter season. In summer time a wooden hot tub replaces a cool pool. At any time you can arrange a romantic repose under the stars. However, placing a hot tub outside not only brings additional benefits to your health and mood but also requires some extra care. Appropriate choice of wood allows getting a more durable hot tub with unique healing qualities.

If the wood is chosen competently, unfavourable weather conditions will not affect the operation of a hot tub significantly. One of the most reliable and durable hot tubs are definitely made of thermowood.  These are not those baths which were used by people for bathing and resting many centuries ago. This is a tub made with the modern materials that allow extending the life of baths significantly, at the same time employing traditional technology of cooperage.  Heat treatment of the wood, performed according to the special technology has allowed to achieve a significant improvement of the wood quality, which has undisputable benefits comparing to the results of chemical treatment, besides it is much safer and environmentally friendly.

Thermo-wood also has amazing durability. Heat treatment destroys substances that cause mould and fungus, so thermowood will never get damaged by fungus and mould, it will never start rotting, become black and bad-looking. Thermowood is not subject to the influence of temperature fluctuations and humidity. Therefore, no deformations can occur because of this. Thermo-wood hot tubs do not swell or shrink. In addition, such hot tubs have obvious water-resistant and heat-insulating properties. Perhaps there is no need to say that such wood also has great authentic look: even, deep colour and explicit texture, which is reached not as a result of chemical staining, but in the process of tree’s structure change.

Wooden hot tubs

As far back as our ancestors knew about the curative power of warm water and natural wood and skillfully used their useful properties for soul and body treatment.

wood-fired hot tub

Presently, at the epoch of prosperity and powerful development of the chemical industry, the interest to the production from natural materials again has considerably increased – a modern person aspires to get rid of consequences of stress and dynamic vital activity by convergence with the nature and derives strength from its sources.

Honoring old traditions and having combined them with the newest technologies of the modern cooperage, Baltresto company builds for you wooden hot tubs from various kinds of wood. Observing old traditions, we preserve all useful properties of the steamed wood and hot water. Thanks to modern technologies ergonomic hot tubs are convenient in application, safe and harmoniously fit in any interior.

Our wooden bath tubs are safe not only for you, but also for the environment. At their manufacturing our company does not resort to the usage of any harmful chemical agents.

When we build our wooden hot tubs we use only valuable wood of the Siberian larch or pine. And such choice is not by chance! The given kinds of wood possess not only a large quantity of useful properties, but also are very durable. Water in such hot tubs not only clears the skin perfectly well, but also helps in struggle against wrinkles and skin ageing. And the pleasant odor of the natural wood calms and results in harmony with yourself and the world around. Our hot tubs are very easy in service and maintenance. Water in them is heated by means of the built-in or external stove. Water drainage is carried out through a special discharge in the tub bottom.

As for the maintenance of a hot tub it is enough to fill it with water to warn against pernicious influence of the environment. For cleaning of hot tubs we advise to use natural facilities or pure water. The process of maintenance and service can be facilitated by means of the special accessories produced by us additionally. They will not only facilitate the usage process, but also will decorate the hot tub and the garden.
You can also use sea salt water without fears since it harms neither the barrel, nor the stainless steel stove.

Baltresto firm offers you a wide assortment of hot tubs, and also various accessories for them. You can order and we build a wooden hot tub of any size, form and spaciousness (for 1 person or a big company). We will also be glad to have your special order which will be fulfilled in the shortest time.

According to the primary concept of our company we aspire to provide each our client the maximum comfort and consequently we undertake all the difficulties connected with the transportation. We deliver the hot tubs in any corner of Europe in the shortest time in the built-up condition and almost ready for use. If you wish to participate in the packaging process and besides to save money, inform us about it and we will give you the possibility to assemble a hot tub by yourself.

To make the order or to receive answers to the arisen questions, simply contact us by phone, e-mail or Skype. We are always glad to help our clients!

The order and delivery period.

It is very easy and simple to order our products. For this purpose it is necessary to register your order on our site or by phone and Skype. Within the first working day your order will be processed, then our ыефаа will contact you. After the acknowledgement of the order we will send you the invoice. We undertake to deliver the ordered goods within 2 weeks after its payment, if the goods are in stock, the delivery time will be reduced up to 4-6 working days.

Order Baltresto hot tub and you will feel that your life is filled with new colors, present to yourself and your relatives some happy moments and possibility to improve your body and soul.

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