Wood-Cold Plunge Tub For 2 persons

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The Ice Bath: A Unique Experience for Body and Relaxation!
Pamper yourself with a Wood-Cold Plunge Tub for two and discover the invigorating benefits of cold water therapy.

Our Wood-Cold Plunge Tub features two comfortable benches to enhance your spa experience. Choose from a variety of wood types to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Basic Set Includes:

  • Wood-Cold Plunge Tub with two stainless steel hoops for added durability
  • Comfortable benches for lounging and relaxing
  • Drain

Upgrade to a 2-in-1 Experience:
Elevate your tub with our optional stove to transform it into a versatile hot tub for winter warmth and a refreshing plunge for summer.

Embrace the Benefits of Cold Plunge Therapy:

  • Enhanced circulation and relaxation
  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Boosted immune system
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
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    • This option does not include any stove, pipes and fittings for connection. Hot tub is not prepared for stove connection (no holes).
    Basic Set includes:
    • Outside Wood-Burning Stove
    • Chimney 1 m, Ø114 mm,
    • Chimney 1 m, Ø 114 mm, with Rain cap
    • 2 flanges, Ø 75 mm
    • 2 x 20 cm hoses
    • 4 hose clamps
    • Metal grate
    Heating Set Includes: More>>
    • Pahlén electric heater
    • Filter system with pump
    • Pipes and fittings for connection
    • Polyethylene filtration balls
    • Wooden box
    Basic set includes: More>> 
    • Filter
    • Polyethylene filtration balls
    • Hose - 2 m
    • Flanges - 2 sets
    • Clamps - 4 pcs
    • Plugs - 2 pcs
    • Wooden box

Technical information
Size (m)1,3x0,851,6x1,0
Capacity (pers.)22
Volume (l)600900
Weight (kg)150180
  • Height: 1,12 m
  • Depth: 0,98 m
  • Height of seats: 320 mm
  • Width of seats: 350 mm
  • Thickness of seats: 41 mm
  • Wood outside thickness: 41 mm
  • Flooring thickness: 39 mm

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